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Merge Feed The Hungry Program

Welcome to the Merge Feed The Hungry Charlotte NC Network.

Listed below are links to organizations in Merge Charlotte NC Network.

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Organizations in Charlotte NC please e-mail your up-coming events to so she can put them on the Charlotte NC Bulletin Board.

Yes! Merge and Love My Charity make it easy to learn what is going on in your neighborhood!

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About Us:

We follow Christ’s calling to fulfill the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people in crisis.

Through financial and prayer support like yours, we deliver food and supplies using a pastor-to-pastor, church-to-church strategy.

When you shop and buy at this store cash donations are sent to the MMPC Feed The Hungry Program!

Special Thanks To Merge Team Members Robert W. Nelson, Kathy Carr and Angela Thomas

Special Thanks To Shaun Brickhandler of Love My Charity

Again the Merge Team welcomes you to our North Carolina network of organizations doing good deeds!



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Charlotte NC Bulletin Board.

Welcome to the Merge Feed The Hungry Charlotte NC Bulletin Board. This site list up-coming events h...Read More

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