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Merge has advertising programs that can fit any budget!

All Advertising program are not the same, some change lives! When you purchase sponsor ads on this page, you help raise money for Rod Howard Select and NAYOT.

NAYOT is raising funds to build a facility to housed orphans in Lomé Togo West Africa. The new facility will feature a community kitchen, learning center, computer lab and youth soccer program.

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Does your Business need to connect with 30,000, 90,000 people in your local community? Yes

Does your Business need to connect with 100,000, 500,000 people nationally? Yes

Merge is very unique it helps local businesses like Restaurants, Lawn Companies, Barber Shops, Clubs, Community Boutiques etc. etc. connect with people in their local community.

Merge also helps on-line businesses connect with customers all over the USA.

Yes! Merge connects merchants with people who love their services, products they create, and products they sell!



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