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ac: Store Managers Read This!!!

Hello, My Name is Mackenzie my network of  Merge Stores helps the MMPC food bank raise money!

Do you want to make $10K a month with Merge? YES!

Do you want to make $20K a month with Merge? YES!

Do you want to make $25K a month with Merge? Yes!

Read below! Having a Merge Store is Awesome!


 My goal is to earn an extra $25,000.00 a month with my Merge Store community!

Merge has an advertising program that fits any budget!

Step 1:

I am getting all my family members, friends, sorority sisters to sign up for Merge Stores.

Step 2:

When we get done building our network of Merge Stores, we want to have Merge Store Managers in the 66 largest cities in the USA!!!

New York City Los Angeles   Atlanta Washington DC Dallas

Houston  Miami  Philadelphia, etc. etc.

Step 3:

We learned very fast the more Merge Stores we have, and the more that are located in different cities. The more money we could make selling Advertising space to small and large merchants


Step 4:

Our goal is have businesses: Hair Salons Rea Estate companies, Car Dealerships, Day Care Centers, Barber Shop, Mom and Pop Boutiques, Restaurants, Lawn Services, Dog Groomers, etc. etc.


Step 5:

When our network reaches a 150 Merge Stores we will recruit businesses like CoCa Cola, Nike, Buffalo Wild Wings, Regal Movie Theatres, TGIF, McDonalds, Burger King, to advertise on our network


Never forget the more Merge Stores you open, the more money you will make!!!


Please go view the Merge Virtual Community!








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