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“Comcast Xfinity WiFi Van Providing Free Internet Service in Rural Community!”


 Hello, How are you today? You may ask, "Who are those B.A.A.D.  K.I.D.D.S.™ and what are they trying to do?"


B.A.A.D.  K.I.D.D.S.™ inspires to become the new generation of young people who are empowered to make a difference by showing love, kindness, bringing joy, and peace to a world that is filled with violence, division, selfishness and hatred.  When we see a problem, we are determined to provide a solution.  


One request that we have is a mobile van to bring the internet to the rural areas. Many of our peers and future leaders are failing in core subjects - math and reading because they do not have access to the internet when they leave school. Sometimes, they do not have anyone to assist them with their homework. 


Our mobile unit will be available to move around in the rural community to provide services to students and other citizens. This will give them an opportunity to connect with peer leaders and tutors in other cities and across the world. 


In the 1900s, Tuskegee Institute used the Jesup Agricultural Wagon to take training to the rural areas. Instead of a wagon, we would like to have a van donated to us that is equipped with internet and wifi access.  This is how B.A.A.D.  K.I.D.D.S.™ solve the problem of illiteracy in our community. Remember, we are not reinventing the process, we are just updating it for the 21st Century innovators who rely on technology and social media.




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