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All print shops are not the same. Some are simply better than others. When you purchase custom T-Shirts, Hats, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads, etc. from Kidz Print Shop a donation is sent to Children’s Ministry with Angela Marks.

Kidz Print Shop is a virtual print company that offers all sorts of promotional items, apparel, wedding gifts, graduation gifts, business gifts, etc. etc.

Kidz Print Shop makes buying promotional items easy and head ache free! Kidz Print Shop helps you avoid having to store t-shirts, hats, etc. that were not purchase in your storage area.

Kids Print Shop is powered by Merge

To learn more please e-mail Kathy at

Special Thanks To Minister Angela Marks

Special Thanks To Robert Nelson of Merge On-Line

Special Thanks To Shaun Brickhandler of Love My Charity


Believe good things will happen and they will!



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Children’s Ministry with Angela Marks 1144

Hi! I'm ANGELA I was once that little girl that fell in love with Jesus at a young age, but wasn't ...Read More

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