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aa. PR Mom Face Mask


Some Face Masks are simply better than others they help change people lives!

When you purchase this Face Masks the Merge Scholarship fund will receive a monetary donation! 

Washable Reusable Cotton Face Mask Cover Made In USA

Fun! Fun! Fun! Face Mask Fundraiser below!

Face Mask 1 for 14.99

Face Mask 2 for 24.99

Bulk Orders:

1 to 20 $12.99

21 to 40 $10.99

41 plus $8.99

For more information about this awesome fundraiser e-mail Kathy at



100% ( $14.99)

Shipping : FREE

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Merge Custom Face Mask Show

 When you shop and buy at this store you help raise money for the Merge Scholarship Fund! We a...Read More

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