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Merchants Advertising On Zach’s Barkery And Merge Network Will Change Lives!

Zach’s Barkery is helping WAFAC raise funds to build and manage a facility for young adults with autism call Blue Angel house

Blue Angels House, a place to call Home for Young Adults on the Spectrum...We want to invite everyone to share this Lifetime Event that we have been working on almost 4 years....It is about to see light.

When your business purchases Ad space on the Zach’s Barkery and Merge network you will help us change lives!


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To learn more about Zach’s Barkery email Kathy at

To advertise on one Zach’s Barkery Merge Store is $50.00

To Advertise on the Zach’s Barkery Sponsor Page which shows up in all Zach Barkerly Merge Stores cost $120.00

Please make checks payable to WAFAC

Please email the information listed below to Kathy

E-Mail :

  1. 1.     Legal Name of Business:
  2. 2.     Business Mailing Address:
  3. 3.     Business Phone:
  4. 4.     Business Web Site Address:
  5. 5.     Business Facebook Address:
  6. 6.     Business owner name:
  7. 7.     Business E-mail Address:

The above information will be posted on Zach’s Barkery Merge Network Pages.

Yes Sponsorship Donations to Zach’s Barkery are tax deductible:


To learn more about Blue Angels House please e-mail Maria at 


“World Alliance For Families And Children  is is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization founded in 2005.” 


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