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!ab: Welcome to Zach’s Barkery

Dear Zach’s Barkery Team Member

Hello my name is Mariame Boujlil, I am the president of Zach’s Barkery, I would like to personally welcome you to the Zach’s Barkery Network.

Zach’s Barkery is helping WAFAC raise funds to build and manage a facility for young adults with autism call Blue Angel house

Blue Angels House, a place to call Home for Young Adults on the Spectrum...We want to invite everyone to share this Lifetime Event that we have been working on almost 4 years....It is about to see light.

I love greeting new members because it allows me the opportunity to describe the Zach’s Barkery, Merge and LMC philosophy. Our years of success are due to this philosophy, which includes helping our Zach’s Barkery team members meet and exceed their financial fundraising goals for Zach’s Barkery.

The Zach’s Barkery, Merge, and LMC Team will give 110% to help your Zach’s Barkery Merge Store become a success. Anything less is not good enough. This means that on every step of this process we will give you more than you expect. By consistently going the extra mile, we will bring the vision and mission of Blue Angels House to life!

The Zach’s Barkery  and Merge Team looks forward to working with you!


Ms. Mariame Boujlil,




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