Helping Buyers and Sellers Support their Charity of Choice!


Merge Shop Charlotte NC 3103

Phone: 704-201-3487
P.O. Box 16307
Charlotte, NC 28216

Merge Shop Charlotte NC 3103

When you shop and buy at this store you help B.A.A.D. K.I.D.D.S. raise money for a WIFI Van to bring the Internet to students in rural communities

B.A.A.D. K.I.D.D.S. (Blessed, Anointed, Awesome, Dreamers, Kingdom-minded, Inspired, Determined, Destined, Successful)

Store Manager:   Ethan Jones

Special Thanks To Robert Nelson “Bobby” with Merge

Special Thanks To Shaun Brickhandler with Love My Charity

Believe good things will happen and they will!