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Merge Shop Charlotte NC

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Merge Shop Charlotte NC

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Do you or someone you know need some extra cash? YES

 If you answer yes to any of the question below text us the best day and time to call you. 704-201-3487

 1.   Do you like earning extra cash and helping your Organization earn extra donations? Yes!

 2.    Do you like working from home? Yes!

 3.   Do you like the idea of working whenever you want to work? Yes!

 4.   Do you like FREE OPPORTUNITIES? Yes!

 5.   Do you like making people smile? Yes! 

 If you answered yes to any of the question above text us the best day and time to call you. 704-201-3487

 Special Thanks To Robert Nelson “Bobby” with Merge

 Special Thanks To Shaun Brickhandler with Love My Charity

 Believe good things will happen and they will!


What People Are Saying About Merge:

As a financial educator, I am constantly searching for ways to raise money and save for our teams. I was skeptical about your program when I first saw it. That skepticism is now a whole-hearted endorsement! Our soccer program use to have a 150 potential donors, with merge we now have 4123 potential donors! Merge turn our Facebook, Twitter, pages into new donors!!! 

Coach Angela Borders North Lake Soccer


Much to our surprise, we MORE THAN TRIPLED the profit we anticipated. There was only positive feedback from the players, parents and fans. Thank you Merge Team you made fundraising fun again!

Coach Joel Martin Birkdale Little League


This is the first time that I had to manage and coordinate a fundraiser. The help I received from the Merge Team made this a very easy task for me. Who knew you could turn Facebook, Twitter pages into lots of new donors!

Coach Lisa Joyner UTOP Cheerleading


Thanks SO much, you guys have been WONDERFUL to work with. May these Holidays be great for you, and the NEW YEAR bring you the very BEST life has to offer!


Derrick Worthy 15 under Soccer Player