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JPI Charlotte Merge Page

Phone: 1-800-224-6954
P.O. Box 16308
Charlotte, NC 28269

JPI Charlotte Merge Page

The Merge Team wants to thank you in advance for helping us raise money for the MMPC Food Bank. JPI is member of the Merge community.

Just Personalize It “JPI” is a Custom Print Shop.

When you shop and buy at this store you help raise money for the MMPC Food Bank!

We assure the authenticity and quality of all the brand name products we sell on our site. We strive to provide our customers with the easiest and safest way to purchase products online. We are proud to be a part of the Merge On-Line Community, and our goal is to not only meet but exceed our members and customers' expectations.

To learn more about the Merge On-Line program e-mail Kathy at

Store Manager: Kim

Special Thanks To: Kim CEO of  Just Personalize It “JPI”

Special Thanks To Robert Nelson of Merge On-Line

Special Thanks To Shaun Brickhandler of Love My Charity


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