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Merge On-Line Cookware Shop

Phone: 1-800-224-6954
4837 Lakeview Road
Charlotte, NC 28216

Merge On-Line Cookware Shop

Our impressive collection of fine cookware showcases the workhorses of every kitchen. Consider your cooking style, type of stovetop, storage space and budget. Then, choose a basic cast iron skillet, specialty  oven or value-priced  stainless cookware set  that has the fry pans and sauce pans you’ll use every day.

We carefully review and test the pots and pans we carry, ensuring that they have the durability, innovative features, quality and professional performance our customers expect . And, whether you buy stainless steel, nonstick, anodized, induction or eco-friendly green cookware, your purchase with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Thanks To Merge Team R. Nelson and D. Purefoy!