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The Merge Solvency Program Mike Shop New York City Rhen Art Studios Hunter Community Store Kim’s Boutique Indian Trail NC Drew Shop Los Angeles Mac Open Boutique Los Angeles Akosua’s Shop Charlotte NC China Grove Youth Organization Cottage Grove Youth Organization Alejandra’s Boutique Charlotte NC Alicia’s Boutique Mooresville NC SOUTH PARK COMMUNITY Ana’s Boutique Charlotte NC Ana Munoz’s Boutique Charlotte NC Anise’s Boutique Charlotte NC Merge On-Line Gift Shop Anita’s Boutique Charlotte NC Merge On-Line Coffee Store Anthony’s Shop Charlotte NC Angela’s Boutique New York City Araceli’s Boutique Charlotte NC MERGE RENAISSANCE STORE SP Community Organization Murkland Church 100th Church Anniversary MMPC Feed The Hungry Program MPI SHOWCASE STORE Shops at Merge TALBOT Tommy Shop Los Angeles Angela’s Boutique Charlotte NC ChoyKing Collection 2022 Linden Tre Shop Charlotte NC Merge Card Los Angeles Devonte Shop Charlotte NC Ethan Shop Wilmington NC Joseph Shop Charlotte NC Mya's Boutique Concord NC Judah Shop Charlotte NC Zoe's Boutique Charlotte NC Yonkers Ryland Shop Concord Janay's Boutique Charlotte NC Mayah's Boutique Charlotte NC Your Name or Team Name Goes Here! NBA Barlett Nathan Shop Mint Hill Clevelander Merge-Online Shop Jasiah Shop Charlotte NC Javon Shop Charlotte NC VCA SHOP 1114 Merge On-Line Cookware Shop MMPC FOOD BANK VCA SHOP 1115 Sukayna’s Boutique Fairfield California JPI Electronic Card Aleeah Boutique Mariame’s Boutique Charlotte NC Adil’s Shop Greensboro NC Tracy’s Boutique Charlotte NC Carlos Shop Charlotte NC Reina’s Boutique Charlotte NC Fernando’s Shop Charlotte NC Derick’s Shop Chicago Zach Barkery! Welcome Center! Saint Lo Boutique Dr. Andrew’s Shop Charlotte NC Key’s Shop Charlotte NC Sandra’s Boutique Charlotte NC Alfredo’s Shop Charlotte NC Bacar’s Shop Charlotte NC Courtney’s Boutique Charlotte NC Desiree’s Boutique Charlotte NC Fatima’s Boutique Charlotte NC Mackenzie"s Boutique Charlotte NC MIDDLETOWN Gaby’s Boutique Charlotte NC VCA Merge Network Haydee’s Boutique Charlotte NC Houda’s Boutique Charlotte NC Highway 49 Merge Now Store Isaura’s Boutique Charlotte NC Jacqueline’s Boutique Charlotte NC Matthews Community Merge Shop Fidelity House Community Fundamental Hoops Community Infinity Sports Plaistow Community Highway 49 Merge Now Store Merge Feed The Hungry Program Merge Feed The Hungry North Carolina Bullet... Indian Trail Merge Shop Carolina Basketball Club Shop 3101 3102 Shop North Lake Youth Sports D PURFOY 3103 Shop Merge Advertising Program 3104 shop 3105 open College Street MergeNow Shop Tommy’s Shop Los Angeles 3106 open 3107 open 3111 open BOND COMMUNITY Mid State Magic 3108 open Merge Warnersville Community Ashe Street Merge Shop University City Youth 49ers Track UCYN fu... Harbor Street Merge Store Salina Street Merge Shop Horton Street Merge Shop Mount Vernon Merge Shop 3111 open 3109 Open 3110 open 3112 open James Varick Christian Bookstore 3114 open 3115 open Pennsylvania Merge Shop 3116 open 3117 Open 3118 open 3119 open Charlotte NC Bulletin Board. Mackenzie Jewelry Store South End Fairview A.M.E. Zion Kim’s Jewelry Store South End Let’s PRAY Tuskegee! Store 1113 Let’s PRAY Tuskegee! Store 1114 Max! Elizabeth City State University Merge ... Merge Show Room 1101 Team Zion Merge Shop Welcome To Merge Virtual Community! Blue Angels House! Merge Page 1106 B.A.A.D. K.I.D.D.S. Whole Sale Store Join B.A.A.D. K.I.D.D.S. Today! Blue Angels House! Merge Page 1109 B.A.A.D. K.I.D.D.S. New York City Merge Shop Chicago IL Merge Shop Houston Tx Welcome To Merge Virtual Community! Atlanta Black Mecca Atlanta Store Merge Shop Charlotte NC Merge Shop Charlotte NC 3101 Market Street Merchandise Freedom Seekers Merge Shop Charlotte NC 3102 Waverly Merge Shop Alberta Park Community Merge Shop Merge Shop Charlotte NC 3103 Blue Angels House! Merge Page 1119 Zach’s Barkery Virtual Community St. Peter’s AME Zion