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What is lovemycharity.comâ„¢?™ is a 100% fee-free online service for buyers and sellers. Targeted to a nationwide audience,™ is a meticulously designed Web site helping non-profits easily gain donations through this unique and safe fundraising opportunity. Taking the traditional concept of e-commerce and boosting it with a built-in donation system,™ allows individuals to list products to sell while giving them a means to reach a uniquely large market. Utilizing a fully-automated donation system, a portion of the proceeds is given to a non-profit of the seller’s choice. The™ system is simple - it’s ease of use makes it a fun and safe place to buy and sell! 


Why lovemycharity.comâ„¢?™ uses a vast database of non-profits to allow sellers to not only their product, but also give a tax-deductible donation to the non-profit organization of their choice. On the flip side, consumers know a portion of their purchase price will safely arrive at a pre-determined, verified non-profit.

When a sale is made through™, a percentage of the purchase price is delivered to the non-profit of the seller’s choice.

Equally, if not more important,™ non-profits increased visibility, reaching a wider audience while tapping into a new pool of prospective donors. Repeat donors will appreciate this easy and convenient way to donate over and over again.

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How does lovemycharity.comâ„¢ work?

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Why Sign Up My Charity?

Download Our Marketing Kit™ plays a role in assisting charities reach their fund-raising goals as well as creating a gateway for nationwide exposure for their cause. No transaction fees are charged to the Charities, Buyers and Sellers for using the™ website. We ask that the sellers make a donation to a™ approved non-profit of their choice. This is a Win-Win-Win for all parties involved.


Ready to Love Your Charity?

Sign-up with™ today. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and best of all, it’s 100% free to Buyers and Sellers to sign-up.™ is a transaction free website!