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Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Phone: 1-800-224-6954
P.O. Box 16308
Charlotte, NC 28216

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

When you shop and buy in this Merge Store a donation will be sent to the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund!

Puerto Rico's governor said officials were working to get food, fuel and water "everywhere on the island" as millions of people continued to suffer without the basics and reports emerged of vital supplies stranded at Puerto Rico's main port.

About 97% of the US commonwealth's 3.4 million residents were still in the dark Wednesday, one week after Hurricane Maria slammed into Puerto Rico, Gov. Ricardo Rosselló said. About half the residents do not have running water.

Puerto Ricans are waiting hours in line to get gas, food and cash. Gas stations and supermarkets are rationing supplies, while banks are running low on cash.

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